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Robot Kyle was out delivering [HOLIDAY] packages when suddenly the unforgiving depths of space began to freeze Robot Kyle's joints shut! Robot Kyle can only move enough to dump more [HOLIDAY] presents out of the [HOLIDAY] sack.

There was only the people of [PLANET] left to receive gifts, and they're becoming more and more disappointed with Robot Kyle as each moment passes! If their [HOLIDAY] cheer drops to 0%, [HOLIDAY] will be doomed!! Save [HOLIDAY] by helping Robot Kyle deliver presents to the people of [PLANET]!!!

Help Robot Kyle distribute non-denominational holiday cheer across the galaxy in this festive arcade game! Watch out for black holes!

This game was made by Peter Barbatsis, Perry Goy and Sam Loesch of Team Mecha Delivery

Install instructions

download your archive of choice, extract the archive, and enjoy the non-denominational holiday cheer!


Robot_Kyle_v1.0.zip 43 MB
rkndhgge_v1.0.app.zip 46 MB

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